If your nail polish rotation is basically just three different shades on repeat, then we get it—we all know how easy it is to get stuck wearing the same thing in the same way. Once you find a color that captures your vibe and your style, it’s pretty much your go-to for the entire season (or, let's be real, your entire adult life). But it's 2021! If there were ever a time to fully shirk the trends of last year, it's right now. So, instead of reaching for your usual classic red nail polish, let's shake things up a bit, yeah?
And to help you stop being so damn predictable with your spring nail colors this year, we’ve rounded up the coolest colors for you to try out for spring 2021!
1. Zesty Lemon Yellow: One of these years pantone colors of the year and also one that compliments many skin tones.  A lemon yellow will add a chic pop of color. 
2. Muted Baby Blue: Love color but don't want anything to crazy? Pastels are a huge trend for 2021 and a baby blue nail will surely get you together.  Make sure to choose a more muted baby blue for a new age look. 
3. Coral/Watermelon Pink: This fun pop of color is vibrant yet chic enough to compliment most styles.  It is perfect for Spring 2021!
4. Sheer Nude: Natural and comfy has been a huge trend since the necessity of it during stay at home orders.  A sheer wash of nude on the nails looks so elegant and clean not to mention it will match anything!
Source: Pinterest/Cosmopolitan